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The League of Women Voters is the organization where hands-on work to safeguard democracy leads to civic improvement. 

We are a nonprofit organization focused on education around voting, registration, debates, issue forums and general election knowledge. 

Our Voting Participation is Abysmal!

Why is our voting participation so low?

Taking Action to Empower Citizens

We work together to provide the information and expertise needed in order to have an informed and motivated electorate.

About Us...

House of Representatives Debate

Steve Knight and Katie Hill square off in a debate sponsored by the Palmdale Chamber of Commerce and moderated by the League of Woment Voters Antelope Valley. 

Don't miss this one! 

Monthly General Meetings


  • What are your ideas for a better Voter turn-out?  
  • How can we encourage a more informed electorate?  

Mon, Nov. 13  @ 6 pm  

Residence of Terry VH

4117 Grandview Dr., Palmdale, CA. 

R.S.V.P.  (661) 206-8532

** All Invited! **

Hot Topics / Happy Hour

Looking for some friends and some spirited (but respectful)Political discussion?

Join our  "Hot Topics" Happy Hour
@ the Yardhouse Resturant Patio
At the AV MALL
1247 Rancho Vista Blvd  Palmdale, CA 
(661) 274-9271  

Lots to do in a changed political scene!!!
Monday @ 6pm - 8pm  -  Oct. 22

Voter Information

Full Pro/Con Information on the 11 Ballot Propositions we'll be voting on in November, 2018

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Upcoming Propositions 11/2018

A clear and concise summary of the eleven propositions on the statewide ballot for November, 2018. 

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