League of Women Voters AV Nonpartisan Policy


Statement of Purpose and focus:

The purpose of the League of Women Voters Antelope Valley is to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation in government.

LWVAV is nonpartisan in that it does not support or oppose any political party or candidate; it is political in that it takes positions on selected governmental issues after member study and agreement. 

The League recognizes the role of the political parties in our form of government and believes that participation in the activities of the political parties is an essential ingredient of citizen responsibility.

While the League urges its members to be politically active, certain constraints are necessary in order to maintain the nonpartisanship of the organization. The Board of Directors of the League of Women Voters Antelope Valley has established the following guidelines: 

Board of Directors

The Board has the responsibility of maintaining the fact of the nonpartisanship of the organization. 

If a Board member plans to engage in political activity, that member must seek a Board decision as to whether the activity would affect the community’s understanding of LWVAV’s nonpartisanship. 

Board members may not take an active, visible role in a campaign for a political candidate or for a non-League issue. 

Partisan activities in which the above named may not participate include: (interpretation of this will be made by the board) 

  • Holding, or actively seeking an elective office. 
  • Having an official position in a party organization, or in an organization endorsing candidates for public office. 
  • Participating conspicuously in campaigns for individuals in such a way as to publicly identify the League member with said individual. 
  • Contributing conspicuously to any candidate or party in such a way as to identify the League member with said individual. 
  • Speaking at party organization meetings (attendance and voting for precinct officials are allowed). 
  • Carrying a petition for any political candidate. 
  • Acting as hostess or taking an active part at a coffee or rally for candidates of one party.  Board officers may not run for elective office. 

League Positions

Once League (local, state or national) takes a position on an issue, members may not identify themselves as League members in publicly expressing an opinion that is in opposition to a League position. 

Representing the League

Members representing the League in the community should be sensitive to their responsibilities. When acting in the public as League representatives, members must not allow partisanship to be discernable. These members should be fully aware of League positions. 

Serving on Commissions

Members may serve on governmental commissions at their own discretion. If the appointment is League-related, the appointee should be fully aware of the League positions as they relate to the commission .

League Meetings & Roster

Members in the leadership roles at unit and other public meetings have the responsibility to ensure the nonpartisanship of the meeting and its environment. 

Only Board of Directors-approved petitions may be circulated at League meetings. 

The League’s roster is not to be made available to a non-League use without Board consent.


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