About Us

Our President and Officers

m tePresident- Denise Latanzi

Vice President-Larry Coltin

Secretary - Jennifer Subero

Interim Treasurer- Terry Van Hook

Our Board Members

Terry Van Hook: Public Relations
Ron Kagen: Voter Registration

Our LWV California: Advisor

League Advisor- Charolette Fox

As an advisor and League mentor, Charolette Fox has been an integral part of the founding and organizational development of the LWV Antelope Valley.    

     Charolette Fox is Past President of two local Leagues and has served three terms as a Board Director for the LWV California.  She is a local League Management Training Advisor and State Coach within California. 
      In addition, her current capacity as a Ruth S. Shur Fellow of the League of Women Voters includes mentoring and training activities for membership recruitment and leadership development for all the local leagues in Colorado and also co-coaching four leagues in Utah.